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BlueBox Hybrid

Master of Your Own Electrical Destiny

You are fed-up with Eskom dictating higher rates and not delivering the service you so dearly pay for. Well, now you can ‘stick it to the man’ (or not, if you don’t want to… ;-)), by reverting to a renewable energy source…the sun…that will only start to dwindle in a few billion years from now…

All these packages can be either fully Off-Grid, Grid-Tied or Hybrid, where excess solar energy can be provided back to the grid, or if you have a shortfall, you can supplement from the Grid (Eskom). You can start with a small hybrid system that can be upgraded later, in stages (modular), to a full-blown off-grid solution, depending on your budget.

However, a one-time investment now could ensure Free Electricity (full-blown Off-Grid) for you and your descendants, for as long as the equipment is maintained in good working order, and freedom from Eskom, forever! And if you finance the deal, then you can get Off-Grid immediately, while your monthly installments (in your investment) replaces your Eskom bill at the same time. Goodbye, Eskom, Hello, Independence.

Hybrid & Off-Grid Solutions

Each of these BlueBox combo packages provides you with three options:

The Standard option will suit a lower budget, or if you simply want to protect the contents of your fridge during the dreaded load-shedding spells. It is regarded as the entry-level in its Power Rating (kWA) class.

The Premium option, depending the size of your installation, may very well serve as an Off-Grid solution, or it can serve as a stepping stone to a full-blown Off-Grid solution.

The Premium + option will, depending on the size of your building, ensure your independence from Eskom, as a full-blown Off-Grid solution. and provide you with all the communication about the status of your Solar Installation.

2kVA BlueBox 4

An entry-level solution targeted at 1-bedroom flats, cottages, small houses and bachelor pads.

3kVA BlueBox 5

Mid-range solution targeted at medium sized 2 to 3-bedroom houses and small businesses.

5kVA BlueBox 6

A solution targeted at medium, 4 -bedroom houses and most Restaurants.

And Now: Introducing

Lithium Ion Battery Technology

These are the beasts that pioneered the likes of Tesla (thanks to Elon Musk), which turned the Fossil Fuel Paradigm  on its head and finally beefed up so much muscle behind the entry of eTransportation that the Oil Tycoons could not simply ‘buy them away’, but now have a very serious problem to contend with, in over 100 years of monopoly.

These energy stores are the new trend in battery technology, and just as the mobile phone industry has undergone massive transformation over the past 25-odd years, so will the new engineering focus turn to electric storage – Smaller, more power for longer operation, safer, cheaper, you get the drift. And although they are still a bit on the expensive side for now, they will take up a lot less space than the traditional lead-acid battery banks, store more power and drive the consumption for longer.

Have a look at this White Paper for an update on the phenomenal growth in the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) demand, driven primarily by the electric vehicle and storage market (EV).

To give you an idea, where you traditionally needed 16 lead-acit batteries to drive a load of 5kVA, you can now replace the lot of them with a single Li-Ion battery that will at least double your battery lifetime!

For example;

A Quick Snapshot of the Pylon US3000B 3.5kWh Li-Ion Battery Li-ion Battery Pack

The US3000 is a HESS battery system provided by Pylontech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle. A self-designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.


  • Vertical industry integration ensures more than 4500 cycles with 90% DoD or 6000 cycles with 80% DoD (most devices will set the DoD at 80%)
  • Compact and fashionable design fits in your home environment
  • Deliver up to 5kW* with a single module (3.5kWh)
  • Modular design gives the end-user the power of choice of capacity
  • Compatible with a large number of Hybrid inverters
  • Simple buckle fixing minimize the installation time and cost
  • Safety Cert.TÜV CE UN38.3
  • 10 years of manufacturer warranty

* this value is inverter/charger dependent, typically the maximum achieved value is 1.8kW per battery

Since you only require ONE Li-Ion battery to support the entire installation, anywhere between 5kVA through to 15kVA (driving the power needs of a small factory), if you really want to ride out those very rare occasions of a week-long rainy spell (praise the Lord), you can always just add another battery (doubling the Ah capacity).

5kVA BlueBox 7

A solution targeted at medium, 4 -bedroom houses and most Restaurants.

8kVA BlueBox 8

Mid-range solution targeted at larger 4 to 5-bedroom houses and medium businesses.

15kVA BlueBox 10

A solution targeted at bigger commercial applications, like medium Hotels and larger businesses.

10kVA BlueBox 9

A solution targeted at larger businesses and smaller commercial enterprises, like B&B’s, large Restaurants and small Hotels.

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