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Become Independent

How You Can Become Energy Independent

Traditionally, residential solar power systems were Grid-Tied, which means that they connect directly to the power grid which is controlled by your local power company (Eskom). During the day your solar power system will generate too much electricity for you to use, so this electricity is fed back onto the main grid, making your house like a small power station. At night when the sun is not available to provide your PV panels with sunlight, you simply draw the power you need back off of the grid, or if the grid has failed for some reason you draw the power off of your Sunny Island inverter.

But the reason traditional installations were Grid-Tied, was because of inhibitive costs, which meant that the average home-installation was ‘geared down’ to provide a level of independence whilst still relying on the power company to provide back-up. Mostly, these installations simply provided a window of self-sufficiency to ride out load-shedding.

Not any more – Battery powered residential solar has become main-stream, and much more affordable, with prices dropping steadily year-on-year. So, do you wait another 5 years for the price to drop even further, or do you take the plunge now? Valid question, but look at it this way; in 5 years you could have already paid off the investment that you made now, and then your power supply could virtually be free. The longer you wait, to longer you postpone the ultimate goal – Free Energy.

Case Studies

Have a look at these well documented Case Studies:

Case Study 1 – FarmCraft

Courtesy: FarmCraft101 solar video series.

Solar Configurator

First things first - Before you embark on your solar project, download this very handy Configurator to establish your Solar Needs first (Microsoft Excel 2016 workbook format). It also contains a host of other very useful worksheets that will assist you in your renewable energy quest.

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