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DIY Projects

Do-it-Yourself Projects

For the DIY Enthusiast, here are a few Projects that you can learn from, if you plan on going it alone with your Solar installation.

DISCLAIMER: Although it is possible to take on a small solar installation yourself, it is important that you understand the technical concepts thoroughly and have a technical flair for this type of project. If you have never done a project of this nature successfully before, it is best that you leave it to professional accredited Installers. WARNING: There is a definite risk of serious injury and electric shock, so be sure that you know what you are doing before embarking on a project of this nature.

Solar Configurator

First things first - Before you embark on your solar project, download this very handy Configurator to establish your Solar Needs first (Microsoft Excel 2016 workbook format). It also contains a host of other very useful worksheets that will assist you in your renewable energy quest.

Project 1 – Solar for Your Camper Van?

The following video series provide a very well structured A through Z approach to scoping your Solar requirements through to installation and final connection to the load. You will definitely benefit from this series, so feel free to study it with gusto… 😉 

Courtesy: Michael from Duet Justus

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